An Introduction to Book Two of the Pulp Heroes Trilogy

Pulp Heroes - The Khan Dynasty

..... Doctor Hunan Sun relaxed on his luxurious couch, surrounded by pillows and five nearly-naked women. In one hand, he held a smoking hookah pipe. The smell of shisha - a mixture of tobacco, molasses and fruit flavors, could not completely hide the odor of an opiate in the air. He leisurely turned his gaze towards his visitor. Their eyes met and locked.
..... Doctor Hunan Sun was an older man than ShangXia Khan, but it seemed impossible to determine his true age. And he was much older than he appeared. Rumors persisted that he measured his actual age in decades or centuries, depending on the person spreading the rumor. He was tall, lean and had a slightly feline appearance. He had a brow like Shakespeare and a face like Satan. His skull was closely shaven, with a thick braid of dark hair cascading past his waist. The most striking feature were his eyes, long, magnetic eyes of a true cat-green.
..... Doctor Sun smiled slightly and waved one hand at a nearby couch. His fingers were quite long, as were the nails on each digit.
..... “Welcome to my home, ShangXia Khan. I sincerely hope my little friends gave you a warm greeting.” Sun spoke quietly.
..... Khan raised one eyebrow in surprise. “You know of me? Very good. And I received a very warm welcome, indeed. By the way, you’ll need more spiders. They all met with a rather … bad ending.”
..... “I've got a new breed hatching in the laboratory right now. Those last ones were too … tame.” Doctor Sun clapped his hands and one of the silent women left his side and brought ShangXia Khan a tall goblet of dark liquid. She knelt beside him and stroked his thigh affectionately, offering him the drink. Khan stared into her pale green eyes for a long moment. She lowered the glass to her own lips and drank deeply. The glass was dropped from her frail fingertips, still half full. Without a sound, she sank to the thick carpet and didn’t move. She was no longer breathing.
..... Hunan Sun nodded towards the dead woman. “A shame. She was one of my favorites.”
..... Khan sneered. “I have never trusted women. At best, they are deceitful, lying creatures. I know you’re a busy man, so I won’t waste your time. How would you like to rule half of the world?”
..... “Am I correct to assume that you would rule the other half?” Sun drew a puff of smoke from the hookah pipe.
..... ShangXia Khan waved his long-fingered hands in the air. “But, of course.”
..... Doctor Hunan Sun’s eyes narrowed as he studied the other man. “You’ve piqued my interest. Please, continue.”

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