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....... Howard stopped walking and merely stared in disbelief for a full moment, before darting his eyes quickly to the left and right. The bed was empty and the captain was gone!
....... Spinning in a slow circle, the doctor strained his eyes for any sign of movement along the shore or near their campsite. He searched beneath all the tarps and looked behind each crate and barrel. With a bit of involuntary trepidation in his concerned voice, he called out the captain’s name, a low, harsh whisper at first and then louder. Finally, cupping his hands over his mouth, he shouted at the top of his lungs.
....... “Captain Keswick!!”
....... The sound of his call echoed across the quiet island and for a long moment there was no reply at all. And then, the response to his cry was offered. It was a great, haunting howl that might have issued from the throat of a giant timber wolf, baying mournfully at the full moon. A flock of birds took flight, abandoning their treetop nests, startled by the loud noise. Suddenly, the night was eerily quiet, as if every animal on the island feared the demon that made that noise. Howard’s blood froze solid in his veins and he felt a spike of frigid ice driven down the length of his spine. His mouth hung open and he couldn’t seem to draw the next breath. What the hell kind of creature made a sound like that? Certainly, if the voice was any indication of the size, the beast must be enormous.
....... Although he could see nothing out of place, he felt as if hundreds of eyes were watching his every movement. Or, perhaps, merely one pair of cold eyes, molten red and burning brightly in the darkness.

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