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....... McKelvie spotted Pam Titan on a distant knoll. She was merely standing there, apparently oblivious to the Scotsman and his hunting partner, Pierre. He sneered, with the side of his wide mouth lifting, the massive walrus mustache twitching nervously. He squinted, the thick reddish eyebrows nearly hiding his heavily recessed eyes. This was almost too easy. He raised the rifle stock against his shoulder and sighted down the long barrel. He squeezed one eye shut and peered through the scope. The Titan woman was lined up on his crosshairs. His finger slid slowly toward the trigger. He frowned. What was she doing? She was looking straight at him. She appeared to be holding a branch in front of her body. It was much too small to hide behind. Thatís when he recognized the object. A bow. She had it pulled back to its apex and he could see that the padded head of the arrow was pointed directly at him.
....... Twang!
....... Pierre heard the loud noise and began to turn around. McKelvie sailed past him, his feet completely off the ground. The Scot dropped to the hard-packed earth and didnít move, his custom-made rifle clattering across the tan-colored stones and coming to a rest at Pierreís feet. The Frenchman was holding his breath. For a long second, he didnít move. In his confusion, he openly gawked at McKelvie lying senseless on the ground. He nervously twisted at his pencil-thin mustache that pointed up at the ends. What the hell had just happened? He turned in the direction McKelvie had been facing. Thatís when he first noticed Pam.
....... Twang!

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