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....... “Hold it right there, lady, or I’ll plug yer secretary!” he threatened.
....... As if Muriel had not heard the thug’s threat, she calmly retrieved the Beretta from the cleft of her cleavage. She ejected the clip, inspected the double row of bullets, reinserted the clip with a sharp click, cocked the gun, and released the safety.
....... Ollie had taken a step backwards, towards the door. Obviously, he was hoping to leave, using the secretary as a shield. Muriel had other ideas. Pointing the pistol at the gangster, she offered a grim warning.
....... “Drop your pistol, Ollie,” she said softly. “Release Matthew, and I’ll let you leave here alive.”
....... “Drop the gun on the floor and kick it over here.” Ollie barked, louder this time.
....... “Not going to happen, pal. I drop the gun and you might decide to shoot one of us.” At this comment, Matt offered a tiny squeal of protest. “And, honestly, I don’t like being shot. Ruins my day.”
....... “Lady, I swear to God I’ll kill him, unless you drop that …”
....... Without hesitation, Muriel took five steps forward. Her upraised gun was now half an inch away from Ollie’s right eye socket. He nervously licked his lips as he stared down the hole in the barrel of the gun, which seemed huge from that vantage point.
....... “Enough talk, Ollie. Drop your gun and release him immediately.” Muriel stated firmly and then added. “Shoot Matthew and you’ll be dead before his body touches the floor.”

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