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....... As the flare sputtered and burned out, Docís eyes slowly adjusted to the darkness again. But this time, it was not the all-encompassing blackness from which he had been slowly emerging. Even as he crunched down on the last oxygen lozenge, Doc was suddenly aware that the pressure had been greatly decreased and his throbbing headache had diminished slightly. Even his muscles didnít ache as they had before, although they would probably still be sore for several days afterward. That is, if he survived. He tried to keep that last thought from his mind, but it crept into the room before he could slam the mental door shut. However, with the natural light filtering down from above, even as dim as it was, his hopes grew higher.
....... Now, he could dimly see anything that moved within a hundred-foot radius. From past experience, he gauged the depth was presently less than two hundred feet. Small schools of fast-moving, silver fish darted at the edge of his vision, like ghostly Ö
....... His mind froze as he witnessed a dark shadow overhead, silhouetted against the light of the sunís rays. For a moment, he thought one of the sperm whales had returned, perhaps in hopes of discovering if the submerged human was doing anything interesting yet. However, Titan was immediately aware of the fact that this particular shadow lacked the graceful movements of a living creature. The outer edges of the form were stiff and rigid. And it was approaching rapidly. Loading a flare cartridge into the pistol, he aimed and fired directly at the dark silhouette. With an explosion of bright sparks, the flare careened off the flank of the metallic behemoth and his heart skipped a beat.
....... It was on a collision course with Doc and his two friends!

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