..... Knightraven Studios has been dedicated to serving Truth, Justice, and the American Way since 1980 and extends an invitation for you to explore the incredible Infinite Horizons universe!

..... Infinite Horizons is an ongoing series of action-adventure novels published by Knightraven Studios, featuring the astounding untold chronicles, extraordinary exploits, and hair-raising escapes of the greatest adventurers and explorers in epic history. These incredibly diverse stories explore two hundred years of legendary heroes and villains during the Victorian age, the Pulp era, and the Golden Age of comic books, tightly interwoven with real-world events and individuals, standing alongside history’s most interesting fictional characters. In terms of its sheer size, scope, and potential, Infinite Horizons is truly the ultimate crossover universe. It’s an endless, bottomless, literary Sargasso, linking together hundreds of novels, short stories, and characters, both real and imaginary. In 2011, the ultimate Gothic Horror Steampunk novel, Modern Marvels - Viktoriana, joined the 'Steampulp' novels, Pulp Heroes - More Than Mortal and Pulp Heroes - Khan Dynasty, the soon-to-be-released Pulp Heroes - Sanctuary, and the novella, The Hunter Island Adventure in the ever-expanding Infinite Horizons universe. All of the Pulp Heroes and Modern Marvels novels are written and illustrated by Wayne Reinagel, creator of the Infinite Horizons Universe. Each of these epic novels feature incredible, full-length stories like nothing you've ever read before.

..... Looking for thrilling, action-packed adventure, with lots of fun? Lightning in a bottle? Climb aboard and enter the Infinite Horizons Universe!!

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