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an art gallery, featuring B/W and full-color illustrations by Wayne Reinagel, writer & illustrator
of the Pulp Heroes and Modern Marvels novels & creator of the Infinite Horizons Universe!!

"Welcome to my private art gallery. All of my life, I’ve been attracted to the world of art and this
gallery represents only a small collection of my favorite pieces. Additional illustrations will be
added in the following weeks. Please feel free to browse and I hope you enjoy."

- Wayne

These are black and white ink illustrations (circa 1991) for the epic poem, The Scarlet Dragon's Tale.

Scarlet Dragon Intro Plate

Scarlet Dragon Portfolio Plate 1 Scarlet Dragon Portfolio Plate 2 Scarlet Dragon Portfolio Plate 3 Scarlet Dragon Portfolio Plate 4 Scarlet Dragon Portfolio Plate 5 Scarlet Dragon Portfolio Plate 6 Scarlet Dragon Portfolio Bonus Plate Scarlet Dragon Knight Sketch Scarlet Dragon Dragon Sketch Scarlet Dragon King Sketch 1 Scarlet Dragon King Sketch 2

Below is a small collection (circa 2007) of digitally-colored art, using black and white ink illustrations by various artists. This was my first exposure to using Photoshop to paint. Not too shabby, considering I was still using a convention mouse, instead of a computer paint tablet and stylus pen.    -WAR

Iron Man vs. Kang BW

Iron Man vs. Kang Iron Man BW Iron Man Doc Savage BW Doc Savage Galactus BW Galactus Jungle Girl BW Jungle Girl New Avengers BW New Avengers


Blank Blank Somebody Please Stop Me BW Somebody Please Stop Me Vampirella BW Vampirella Blank Blank Blank

Twenty-four paintings (circa 2008) from Pulp Heroes - More Than Mortal novels, published by Knightraven Studios.
A complete set of beautiful, full-color, digitally-rendered 4" x 6" artcards are available at our Amazon, eBay,
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Beware of Madman!!

Daring Angel Darkness - Lightning King Darkness - Living Darkness Doc Titan - I Walk Alone Doc Titan - Lava Beast Doc Titan - Leviathon Doc Titan - Mummy's Thumb Doc Titan - Red Moon Rising Guardian - Dragons Egg Guardian - Tesla's Magic Sphere Hunter Island Adventure

Jack the Ripper Strikes Again!!

Knightraven Emblem Pam Titan - Golden Serpent Pulp Heroes - More Than Mortal Front Cover Pulp Heroes - More Than Mortal Back Cover Pulp Heroes Bucks 'n Beer BookMarks Satan's Angel - Hell Hath No Fury Satan's Angel - Who Are They? Scorpion - Blood Stains Scorpion - Buried Alive Scorpion - Death Dealer Sentry - Black Skull

Twenty-four paintings (circa 2010) from Pulp Heroes - Khan Dynasty novels, published by Knightraven Studios.
A complete set of beautiful, full-color, digitally-rendered 4" x 6" artcards are available at our Amazon, eBay,
and Infinite Horizons stores. Click here for further details.

Darkness - Blind Justice

Darkness - Night of the Gargoyle Darkness - Secret Illuminati Doc Titan - Beware the Annihilist Doc Titan - Burning Goblins Doc Titan - Escape from Skull Island Doc Titan - Sanctuary Discovered Guardian - Disintegration Machine Guardian - Martian Menace Howard Jekyll Murdered!! Hunter Island Adventure Jekyll and Hyde Audiobook Cover

Kong - Places I Been

Oriental Tales - The Yellow Peril Penny Dreadfuls Pose Threat!! Chinese Coins Chinese Map Pulp Heroes - Khan Dynasty Front Cover Pulp Heroes - Khan Dynasty Back Cover Scorpion - The Counterfeit King Scorpion - Satan's Death Robots Pulp Heroes Poster Pulp Heroes - Khan Dynasty Bookmarks The Raven

Six paintings (circa 2010) from Van Allen Plexico's Sentinels novels, published by White Rocket Books.


Sentinels Logo Blank Esro Brachis Ultraa Pulsar Mondrian Blank Sentinels Poster Blank

Paintings (circa 2011) from Modern Marvels - Viktoriana novels, published by Knightraven Studios.


MMV_Cover_Art MMV_Text_Logo MMV_Postcard_Front Infected


MMV_Poe_art MMM_Poe_cover MMV_Verne_art MMM_Verne_cover MMV_Houdini_art MMM_Houdini_cover MMV_Shelley_art HG_Wells_art BlankS


BlankS MMV Front Poster MMV Front BookMarks MMV_Card_Back MMV_Postcard_Back MMV Front Cover MMV Back Cover MMV Logo BlankS Infected

A collection of paintings (circa 2013) from The Inner World Adventure,
The Hunter Island Adventure, and the The Cast Away novels, published by Knightraven Studios.


The Cast Away cover art
Traskarus Banner
Traskarus Banner
Hunter Island Adventure inks
Howards Island
Map of Howard's Island

Hunter Skull Island

Pam Titan Snake Gotcha Four Heroines Inner World Adventure cover T-Rex Attack Murie and Pam Adam at Grave Girls and Map The Cast Away cover Drowning Man

Some of my projects have been on the back burner much longer than others. I initially wrote Eulogy of Mars way, way
back in the late '70's and always hoped to do a full-color illustration for it. It wasn't until quite recently, in mid-2012, that
I finally completed this painting, closely based on my original sketches from more than thirty years earlier.    -WAR


Mars Sketch Martian_iPad_Sketch Alien Language Color Study Alien Language Martian iPad Eulogy for Mars SpacemanR
To read the entire Eulogy of Mars poem, click here)

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