A short background note regarding
The Scarlet Dragon's Tale

(aka One Queen a Knight and the King is a'Dragon)

..... Many, many years ago, Wayne began writing an epic poem that involved an elderly King, his young, buxom Queen, an ambitious young Knight (Sir Whitebread), and a deadly scarlet-hued Dragon (who just happened to have a similar speech pattern to Foghorn Leghorn, a southern rooster sometimes featured on Saturday morning cartoons).
..... Heavily influenced by Lewis Carol's Jabberwocky poem, Heywood Broun's Fifty-First Dragon (both available at our free bookstore!) and Dave Sim's Cerebus comic book series, this ten-chapter/sixty-six paragraph poem follows the harsh trials and tribulations of these four very interesting characters, each possessing their own dirty (and sometimes amusing) little secrets and ending with several surprising twists at the finale' of the story.
..... Years later, much of the same formatting and thought processes, originally established while writing the Scarlet Dragon's Tale, would become the foundation of Wayne's best-selling epic series of novels, Pulp Heroes - More Than Mortal, Pulp Heroes - Khan Dynasty, and Modern Marvels- Viktoriana. Each adventure-packed novel is also sixty-six chapters in size and is filled with a rollercoaster ride of twists and turns, and a major, unexpected surprise ending.
..... One final item of note. To make this epic story more of a mental challenge to write, Wayne methodically chose every word of each line, to make each finished sentence roughly one hundred characters in length.
..... Hope you enjoy the journey!!

An exciting excerpt of
The Scarlet Dragon's Tale

Chapter One - The Wounded Knight’s Tale.

The warrior’s battered helmet fell with a clatter
on the cold stone steps, as I caught him in my arms;
supporting him thusly, I faintly heard from his whispering,
bloodied lips, “The Queen has come to harm!”

“Thy beautiful, young Queen has been kidnapped,
dragged away into the night by a foul, hideous kraken;
taken this stormy and sorcerous night by an old
adversary of thine, the dreadful Scarlet Dragon!!”

“Possessing the wings of an avenging angel, I bravely leapt,”
said he, “sword in hand, to the helpless Queen’s aid;
daring to sacrifice my life, I repeatedly pummeled
the indestructible monster of living, scarlet jade.”

“As fast as greased lightning, the horrible beast
had grasped me firmly and quickly stole all my coin;
‘twas then, with a vicious smile and an evil gleam
in his cold eyes, he kneed me in the unprotected groin!!”

Another excerpt of
The Scarlet Dragon's Tale

Chapter Four - Land of the Damned and Dead.

“Aye, we shall wage war with every available weapon,
whether be it wings or daggers, swords or claws;
and, just in case, I also remembered to wear a protective
metal warrior’s cup, to shield my manly … parts.”

“And prior to the final sword blow, I shall glare mercilessly
into the begging eyes of the Deathbringer;
then raise my arm high and flip him the royal ‘bird,’
oh yea, I shall give him the ‘King’s finger!’ ”

“And, in that moment, when that soulless beast begs
and pleads for mercy, knee deep in mire and muck;
I shall chortle and sneer, “Beg me not, o’ ugly one,
because I honestly and truly do not give a … damn!”

A final excerpt of
The Scarlet Dragon's Tale

Chapter Six - The Scarlet Dragon’s Challenge.

In my defense, Sir Whitebread foolishly unsheathed
his blade and at the insulting kraken he did leap;
but into the Knight’s unprotected breadbasket,
the Scarlet Dragon’s warted knee drove hard and deep.

The Knight’s features became ghastly white and,
in very high soprano, he weakly whimpered and coughed;
the Dragon smiled evilly, displaying large, curved fangs,
and spoke quietly to the limp defender he held aloft.

“Ah truly hate to be the true bastards son and reveal
… ah say, ah say … explain to ya the bad news;
but the current market value, present interest, that is,
is quickly plummeting on your family jewels.”

“So listen up real good, boy, ‘cause Ah’m talking to ya
… ah say … son y’all better pay close attention;
keep jumping at me in your little, white bunny suit,
and Ah’ll put your love life in a state of detention!”

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