Who is the Darkness?

..... The Darkness is the Master of Shadows, a mysterious, haunting avenger of destruction. This merciless creature of the night appears to be able to travel from shadow to shadow, across great distances. Using an invisible network of dedicated undercover agents, as his eyes and ears in the underworld of crime, Darkness attacks ruthlessly and vanishes back into the shadows. A faceless apparition, visible only as two terrible and unearthly crimson eyes, his very name strikes terror in even the bravest of evildoers. His hellish stare unlocks their deepest, most hidden secrets. His mocking laughter bores through their craven souls. His blazing twin .45’s stops their evil plans forever. Beware, the Darkness comes …

..... Luthor Gibson - Millionaire, philanthropist, amateur criminologist and civilian disguise for the creature known as Darkness. Gibson wears dark-lensed glasses to hide the scars burned into his flesh, marking where his eyes used to be. Although completely blind, he appears to find hidden clues that the police have overlooked.

..... Max Grant - World War I master aviator, adventurer, explorer, a haunted man. After the war ended, Grant aimlessly traveled the outskirts of civilization, isolating himself from the seemingly indifferent world around him. Mongolia, Russia, Turkey, India, he became a man searching for the one thing he felt he lost during the war, his soul.

..... Megan Meriwether - a funny, intelligent, quick-witted young woman. Luthor Gibson recognized her talent for blending in with high society and the fast paced nightclub set. She is his eyes and ears, socializing and becoming friendly both sides of the law. Megan is his only confidante in a very dangerous and lonely profession.

..... James Chan - a simple, pleasant-appearing young man of Asian descent. Like Megan, James uses this boyish charm to infiltrate, and become friendly with, the upholders of law and the underworld of crime.

..... Sylvester ‘Sly’ Montgomery - A large, heavy-set black man, rarely seen outside of his limousine. An ex-cab driver, he knows every street, short cut and back alley. He manages the Montgomery Limousine Service, but the town-cars and the company are actually owned by Luthor Gibson.

..... Nick Drago - Tough, no-nonsense lone wolf of the underworld. Big, tough, with hard, chiseled features, Nick is the Darkness’ spy in the badlands. He has a reputation as a deadly hired gun and a ruthless killer.

..... Valentine - One of the Darkness’ first and most mysterious agents. Or is he simply another alias of the man known as Darkness? Except his single name, very little else is known about him.

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