Who is Doc Titan?

..... A mentally brilliant and physically superior modern marvel, John ‘Doc’ Titan was raised from infancy to achieve the vertex of human development. More than more than merely a ‘renaissance man.’ To become what his father coined ‘the ultimate man.’ A super man.
After his father’s death, Doc Titan dedicated his life to traveling the world, battling evil-doers and helping those in need. With the aid of his five friends, Doc lives a life of breathtaking action, deadly peril and incredible adventure. This Pulp Heroes Trilogy of novels recount three of his greatest and most exciting, fantastic exploits.

..... Henry Marmaduke ‘Kong’ Larson - Despite his brutish, apelike appearance, Kong is one of Doc’s most valuable aides. Possessing a nearly photographic memory, he can commit to memory any professional journal, design specification, or technical research and recall every detail. He can memorize the layout of any city at a glance or learn any written language in less than an hour.

..... Bartholomew ‘Bart’ J. Blackwell - One of America’s leading mathematicians and cryptologists, Bart assisted the Allies in deciphering the supposedly unbreakable secret codes of the Axis Forces and in creating the ‘Windtalkers’ code with the assistance of the American Navajo Indians.

..... Randolph Garnett ‘Big Tom’ Thompson - At six feet four and 280 pounds, Thompson is what the pulps referred to as a two-fisted brawler. A giant of solid sinew and muscle, Big Tom resembles an immovable granite wall, and he never backs down from a fight. He is also one of the world’s greatest aviators.

..... Kenneth Xavier ‘Percy’ Percival Pierce - Treasure hunter. Tomb raider. From the perilous mountaintops of Tibet to the savage jungles of South America, from sunken cities to lost civilizations - no ocean is too deep, no mountain is too high for this man who fearlessly delves into the mysteries of the ancient past.

..... Gilbert ‘Gibs’ Elliot Maddox - Barely four feet tall, this tiny man possesses a giant intellect, especially in his field of expertise - electricity. Like Edison and Tesla before him, Gibs has an affinity for what he refers to as ‘the juice.’

..... And last, but certainly not least:

..... Pamela ‘Pam’ Titan - Doc’s only known living relative. She is extra-ordinarily beautiful, described by some as a firebrand, a hellcat and an Amazon woman - all rolled into one. Six feet tall and well-rounded, her one true love is the siren call of danger and excitement. Whenever possible, she follows Doc around the globe and into mortal peril, whether he wants her to or not.

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