Who is The Guardian?

..... Big game hunter, adventurer, mercenary, Simon Blake had finally decided to leave this dangerous lifestyle behind him. But this was not to be his destiny. The accident in New Salem was the worst in aviation history. Nobody should have survived the horrendous explosion. And yet, Blake miraculously staggered away from the devastation without a single scratch or burn.
Aided by six new friends, his travels have taken him from the familiar streets of New York to mysterious realms and distant worlds far beyond our imagination. He has crossed swords with crime rings, crooked politicians and madmen. He has boldly battled with supernatural forces - ghosts, mummies, necromancers, vampires, and dark cults. To help others in need, he founded the new organization called Unsolved Mysteries, Inc.
..... To the world at large, Simon Blake is a force of justice, a mystic debunker, a ghost-buster, a strange, pale vision, and an apparition. To the underworld of crime and the secret orders of dark magic, he is simply called … the Guardian.

..... Conall ‘Mick’ McGrath - Biochemist and pharmacologist, this solemn Irish-Scot lost his family, his wife and daughter, in an automobile accident only months before meeting Blake. Mick is Simon Blake’s closest friend. In a fight, his fists become like bony mallets, the perfect weapons for dispensing justice to hooligans. But there is a mystery in his past that even Blake is unaware of and discovering it could destroy Unsolved Mysteries.

..... Barnaby Cornelius Roland ‘Wall’ Walker - Over seven feet tall and nearly four hundred pounds, sixty inches around the chest and a twenty-two inch neck, Wall might be the world’s largest human. The living embodiment of a bearded, Viking warrior, the life of adventure called to the giant Norwegian.

..... Cassandra ‘Cassie’ Allison Greyson - An amateur archaeologist, this beautiful, delicate-looking is also a deadly expert with guns, knives, whips and many other weapons. More than one criminal had attacked the dainty girl and quickly discovered that dynamite comes in small packages.

..... Gabriel ‘Gabe’ Elias Robinson and Isabelle ‘Bell’ Robinson - An African-American couple who run the offices and warehouses of Unsolved Mysteries and Praetorian Securities. Gabe and Bell are brave, intelligent people of good character and keen intellects. They have worked with Simon Blake for the last six years.

..... Andrew Carter - The last member to join Unsolved Mysteries, Inc. Carter originally joined to write about Blake’s life and sell the story to Hollywood. He soon became addicted to the action and adventure. A British Shakespearean-trained actor with a flare for the dramatic, he is constantly being accused of suffering from a Robin Hood complex.

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