What are Infinite Horizons and the Pulp Heroes Trilogy?

..... In 1863, Jules Verne began writing a series of scientific adventures, known as the Voyages Extraordinaires. These works included Journey to the Center of the Earth, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, The Mysterious Island, Around the World in Eighty Days and fifty more.

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..... Infinite Horizons follows a similar vein, exploring the secret lives and revealing the unrecorded adventures of the greatest heroes and villains to ever walk the Earth.
..... In the worlds of Infinite Horizons, the question is explored, what if the Victorian and Pulp era adventures actually occurred in our universe. And taking into account all of the events that have happened since that time, how would this have altered the pulp heroes from the 30ís and 40ís? The answers to these questions are presented in the first trilogy of Infinite Horizons novels entitled Pulp Heroes.
..... Pulp Heroes is an epic adventure, spanning two centuries in time and linking the incredible lives of historyís most popular Victorian Age adventurers of the 1800ís with the greatest action heroes of the Pulp Era and an assortment of well-known, real-life figures. In this completely original action-adventure story, four champions of justice, Doc Titan - The Ultimate Man, Darkness - The Master of Shadows, Guardian - Steel and Ice Justice, and Scorpion - The Deadliest Man Alive, are brought together for the first time to battle a deadly threat and save the Earth and mankind from absolute destruction.
..... Pulp Heroes is a fast-paced chronicle about relationships between humorous and entertaining characters. Itís a story about daring adventure. Unexpected storyline twists. Secrets revealed and more secrets exposed. The passing of the heroic baton. Itís about how everyone is linked in some way and how actions in the past affect the present. Itís not about their abilities that show who these heroes are; itís about the choices they make. Above all, itís an action-packed thrill ride. And, most importantly, itís a story about great adventure heroes and heroines.
..... This trilogy features famous fictional characters from Jules Verneís Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea and Around the World in Eighty Days, Mary Wollstonecraft Shellyís Frankenstein, Arthur Conan Doyleís Sherlock Holmes and Professor Challengerís Lost World, Chester Hawksí Captain Hazzard, H. Rider Haggardís Allan Quatermain, J.H. Rosnyís Ironcastle, John W. Campbellís Who Goes There?/Thing from Another World, James Hiltonís Lost Horizon, James Clavellís Tai-Pan, Robert Louis Stevensonís The Strange Case of Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde, Richard Connellís The Most Dangerous Game, Philip Wylieís Savage Gentleman and Gladiator, and many more.
..... Inspired by Warren Ellisís Planetary, Alan Mooreís League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Philip Joseí Farmerís Wold-Newton Universe, and Jules Verneís Voyages Extraordinaires, Infinite Horizons explores the possibly that many historical, literary figures exist in the same world as their own creators. It does not challenge any of the elements, events or timelines of the original works, but rather it adds richly detailed, chronologically accurate tales - occurring before, after and sometimes even during the original storylines. These are all tightly interwoven into the same universe as real-world events and people. The novels are peppered with future storyline hints and genealogical Easter eggs.
..... Typically, the public domain characters such as Holmes, Quatermain and Frankenstein appear as themselves, while those still under copyright appear in altered but recognizably similar forms. These characters are often a combination of many others, such as Fu Manchu, Yellow Claw, Mandarin, Dr. Fang Shen, and others Asian villains - all blended, shaken, stirred and poured out into a different, but familiar mold.
..... To create a proper balance, four distinct hero types were needed. One strong man, one freakish outcast and two gunfighters - one serious, one lighthearted. Drawing on one hundred years of comics, pulps, movies and novels, the four main characters, the pulp heroes, were created.

..... The Strongman:
A modern-day Atlas, a sun-bronzed warrior, with a Greek godlike appearance; the public looks at him in awe and wonder. For this character, Nick Carter, Hugo Danner, Robocop, Peter the Brazen, Savage Gentleman, Captain Hazzard, Sean Connery, Vin Diesel, Indiana Jones, Superman, Doc Savage, and several others were combined and baked in a Doc Titan mold.
..... Doc Titan was raised from infancy to be the ultimate man and thus became the ultimate super detective, equal parts scientist and mystic. A physical and scientific marvel. The golden warrior, bronzed from worldly travels. He possesses all the marbles - wealth, looks, intelligence, status, the perfect physic, but is that enough? The pressures of being a superman. Of being more than mortal. A man who was driven to perfection by his father, almost to the point of breaking. But at what cost? He is, like Gladiator and Superman, so far above his peers that he feels isolated and alone in the sea of humanity. Doc is the strong silent type, fearlessly leaping into the mouth of danger. He battles the toughest, nastiest critters and madmen, and is usually neck-deep in peril.

..... The Freak:
..... A typical man but cursed with something that sets him outside the normal human appearance. Guardian is Titanís complete opposite. He is a haunted, tortured soul, desperately wanting to fit into society, but the pale, emotionless face and cold, colorless eyes in his mirror prevents him. Heís a combination of Hugo Danner, Superman, and David Dunn (from the movie Unbreakable), crossed with the pulp action/adventurer, the Avenger. Guardian is the haunted individual who has no family or peers, except those who have joined him on his quest, searching for evidence to find his missing family, hoping they are still alive. Simon Blake is a mystical debunker, like the comic book character, Constantine. His adventures usually involve strange legends, unsolved mysteries or even distant worlds. He and his group are like a combination of DCís Challengers of the Unknown, Marvelís Doctor Strange, and the Fantastic Four.

..... The Gunfighters:
.....Darkness is a combination of Green Hornet, Doctor Midnight, Dracula, Whisperer, James Bond, Blade, Batman, Spider, Phantom Stranger, and the Shadow. A mysterious, grim, blind, no-nonsense vigilante/detective, dispensing justice with his twin 45ís, while his haunting laughter echoes through the concrete valleys of New York City.
..... Darkness is a man seeking answers to his own past. More cautious than Scorpion, always carefully studying and solving a puzzle or mystery, before investigating further. He is a black spirit, wreaking havoc and dispensing justice. The dark detective, lurking in the background, battling crime in the streets, always arriving in the nick of time. Darkness possesses a mysterious ability to travel through the shadows. He also owns and operates the largest detective agency in the world, with offices in Chicago, New York City and San Francisco.

..... Scorpion is based on a similar design to Darkness, mixed with Batman, Wolverine, Grifter (from Image comics), Spider and Shadow. The major difference between Darkness and Scorpion is, Scorpion is good at what he does, because he enjoys it. He clashes with the forces of the underworld, headlong and hopelessly outnumbered, a smile painted on his features. Stab him, shoot him, nothing will stop him from bringing criminals to justice.
..... Scorpion is your average vengeance ridden playboy millionaire, addicted to the danger and excitement. He is always outgunned and wounded, because he plunges into battle without concern about his own well-being. Super-spy, daredevil, adventurer, playboy, philanthropist, he is truly the deadliest man alive.

..... These are the final days before the age of the super-powered, comic book characters. And these are four brave men, without the benefit of superpowers or skin-tight costumes, willing to fight, bleed, and even die to see that justice is done.

..... They are truly the stuff of legends.

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