Who is the Scorpion?

..... Crime has an enemy. Unstoppable. Relentless. Bringing death and destruction to those who prey on society. A ruthless creature of the night, dispensing justice with his twin pistols. He leaves his scarlet mark, the deadly scorpion, on the foreheads of those he has stopped. He is the scourge of crime and the defender of the innocent. Evil beware of … the Scorpion!

..... Preston Stockbridge II - A man shrouded in mystery. Men told of his courageous deeds during the Great War, but his life before that time has been lost in the distant past. He came to New York City with his faithful mute friend, Rav Chandra, and an enormous fortune. Preston played the part of the millionaire playboy philanthropist until he met the wealthy debutante, Whitney Van Pelt. She stole his heart and discovered his greatest secret. Stockbridge is the deadly Scorpion!

..... Whitney Van Pelt - Preston Stockbridge’s fiancé and closest confidant. Fearlessly addicted to mortal danger and breathtaking action, Whitney is an important ally against the forces of evil. She has even donned the Scorpion outfit to assist him with his battle against crime.

..... Adam Coleman - An ex-soldier of fortune and a deadly marksman, Adam fought beside Preston during the Great War and several other conflicts afterwards. To throw Police Commissioner Jack Lockhart off the trail, the quick-thinking Coleman has donned the Scorpion outfit several times and even faked his own death.

..... ‘Rav Chandra’ - After the Great War, a haunted Preston Stockbridge wandered aimlessly through Europe and upper Africa. At the border of Afghanistan, he was witness to a silent warrior single-handedly battling seven armed men. Christened Ghoshdashtidar Raviprakash Chandramouleeswaran Dakkar, this proud giant was forever banished from his native homeland. Upon returning to the United States, Stockbridge revealed to Rav his plan to pursue justice as the masked vigilante, the Scorpion. The faithful mute swore his allegiance to his friend and master.

..... Police Commissioner Jack Lockhart - A no-nonsense law enforcement officer and leader of the task force - Project Scorpion. His assignment is simple, arrest Scorpion on sight for dispensing vigilante justice. Or, failing that, stop him by whatever other means deemed necessary. The problem is, Lockhart believes that Scorpion could be the son of his late wife. His stepson. If he ever proves that Stockbridge is the Scorpion, how can he bring himself to arrest the greatest force of justice ever known?

..... Friends and comrades, willing to sacrifice nearly everything in their lives, to see justice done.

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